History and Development of Bill Gates Institute of Computer Science and Management, Osmanabad:

The Bill Gates Institute of Computer Science and Management, was established in 2001, by Shri Kulswamini Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Osmanabad. The need for starting such an institute was to provide the opportunities of I.T. and Management education in a backward like Osmanabad. Initially the institute started post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application (PGDCA) and Master In Management Science (MMS (CM)) courses. Later on gradually a number of courses were added. Presently the institute conducts following programmes

1). M.M.S (CM)

2). D.C.A.

3). B.J.

4). D.T.L.

5). B.C.A.

6). B.B.A.

7). B. Sc. (Computer Science)

8). B. Sc. (Information Technology)

9). M. Sc. (Computer Science)

These courses are most advanced and incorporate the latest developments and innovations in the field of computers and management. By learning these courses you will be well equipped with cutting edge knowledge and information. The curriculum and admission procedure is as per rules and regulations of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. To have access to these courses the student were required to spend a plenty of money in cities. The modern trend in education has changed the total scenario of education paradigms. The new trends in the business, industry and nearly in all the walks of life have forced us to think twice before the choice of the educational stream. In the 21st century one has to be strong, active, creative and well versed in computers. To be a better citizen of a Global Village, the right education is a must. The institute is very actively involved in studentís related need and problems. The institute is housed in a spacious building at the heart of a city. It strives to bring about all round development of its students. Teaching Methodology at the institute is innovative. The institute offers the following courses at Post Graduate, Undergraduate and junior level.

The course wise strength is as follows: